Listed below are a number of articles and papers written by Jon Neades.  Please note that the refereed articles have been reformatted to suit downloading but are essentially the same as the original printed article.

Click on the title to download.  If you use any of the refereed articles in your research or other work, please include the original reference rather than linking to this page as this page may be updated in the future.  The majority of files here are in Adobe PDF format. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader click on the image.

PhD Thesis

Neades, J.       Developments in Road Vehicle Crush Analysis for Forensic Collision Investigation (2011) De Montfort University, Leicester. Also available direct from DMU online repository

Refereed Articles

Neades, J.      Equivalence of impact phase models in two vehicle planar collisions (2013) Journal of Automobile Engineering. Proc IMechE Part D 227 (9) pp 1325-1336

Neades, J.       Skid Testing with Confidence (2013) Impact Vol. 21 N0. 1

Dobbins, R. and Neades, J. Measuring Critical Speed Marks (2012) Impact Vol. 20 No. 1

Neades, J.       Incomplete Wheel Lockup  (2011) Impact Vol. 19 No. 3

Neades, J. and Smith, R. The Determination of Vehicle Speeds from Delta-V in Two Vehicle Planar Collisions (2011) Journal of Automobile Engineering.  Proc IMechE Part D 225 (1)

Neades, J. and Shephard, R. Review of Measurement Protocols Applicable to Speed from Damage Programs (2009) Impact Vol. 17 No. 1

Neades, J.      Determining the Maximum Speed at Which a Bend May be Negotiated (2007) Impact Vol. 16 No. 1 ISSN 0959-4302

Neades, J.      How Close is Too Close (2006) Impact Vol. 15 No.3

Neades, J.      Comparison Between AiDamage and Edcrash (1998) Accident Investigation Seminar, Lewes, Sussex.

Neades, J.      Road Accident Investigation (1997) Mathematics Today 33 (1)

Neades, J.      Maximum speeds for Bends (1991) Impact Vol. 2 No 1 (Unavailable for download)


Neades, J.     Swerves and Lane Changes Extract from AiTS training manual

Neades, J.     Test Collisions to Stiffness Coefficients Explains how vehicle stiffness coefficients can be determined from crash test data.

Neades, J and Ward, R  Pedestrian throw Extract from AiTS training manual