J Neades Ltd was set up by Jon Neades to develop software primarily for forensic reconstruction / engineering. Jon remains responsible for major projects produced by Ai Training Services Ltd (AiTS) which include RelMo, AiDamage, Digital Analyst and SolvePro. Other projects include an IDR data analysis program for Thorcom Systems Ltd, vehicle simulation programs and an accelerometer+GPS analysis program, GPAccel. GPAccel is ideal for analysing data from our iAccel and Personal IDR (PIDR) iPhone apps as well as Vericom Profile 5 CSV files.

Jon Neades
Jon is an applied mathematician and is also a founder and a director of AiTS. AiTS deliver training and software mainly for the forensic collision investigation community. Jon holds a PhD in applied maths / engineering and has a wide range of interests in maths and physics, primarily in developing mathematical models of various phenomena.

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