GPAccel Released

We are pleased to announce the first release of a completely new program, GPAccel. GPAccel is designed to provide a detailed analysis of iPhone generated iAccel and Personal IDR (PIDR) files. It will also analyse most Vericom Profile 5 CSV files and provides a variety of tools to adjust the acceleration data to match the orientation (pitch, roll and yaw) and actual position of the device within a vehicle.  Tools are also available to adjust the scale and offset of individual accelerometer data streams.  Using the supplied tools users can attempt to match the speed and distance traces derived from integration of the the accelerometer data to the recorded GPS based speed and distance traces, if these are available in the source file.  A variety of graphs and cursor data options are available together with print and print preview of various sections of the time history.

For lots more information and to purchase GPAccel, please see the GPAccel page