DigitalAnalyst 4 Released

digitalanalystIn Version 4 the look and feel of Digital Analyst has been completely changed. A new ribbon bar replaces the old toolbar and menu bar.

The acceleration portion of the Chart Analysis page has been separated from the speed chart into its own chart complete with its own cursors etc. Axis titles have also been added to clarify exactly what chart you are viewing. Plus you can now zoom into the graph four times closer than before. This separates each data point greatly making it even easier to see what you have selected.

You will notice the new acceleration and speed charts are linked closely. If you move the cursor in one chart, the corresponding cursor in the other chart moves as well. The same happens when scrolling the chart, both charts will scroll together. You have the option to switch off the acceleration chart, in which case it won’t appear in the printed page either.

Printing other views, day graphs, hours graphs, minute graphs and timeline views have also changed slightly, mainly in the font sizes and layout. This makes it easier for you to see the data.

For more information see the DigitalAnalyst Information page at AiTS Software.